What constitutes an ideal home?  A place where you would want to live in for a very long time, one which would require minimal repairs while retaining or appreciating in value at the same time.  The location too should be ideal, close to shopping, entertainment, and lastly, great schools.

If you are in search of one such dream house, we present to you some general pointers you may want to ponder before signing a Offer to Purchase.

  1. Hidden Plumbing

Look for houses that have rough-in plumbing and all electrical wiring in the basement or attic. This facilitates easy insertion of an extra room or expansion of your property in the future, if need be.

  1. Adequate Parking

A house with adequate parking, enough to fit three to four cars, sufficient for an entire family, is a good buy. Unless you want to invest in a neighborhood where tenants don’t usually park their cars in driveways, ample parking space must be kept in mind.

  1. Ample Land

Houses built on an ample area, in case you plan to expand in future, is a good investment. Ample land in the suburbs or country houses is a great selling point; however, the case may not be the same in urban cities since there are many restrictions mandated on zoning requirements.

  1. Leveled lot

Look for homes that are constructed on a leveled lot. To determine that, pay close attention to the driveway; if it’s sloped or angled it means the house is not constructed on a leveled lot. If your renters are scraping their cars every time they have to pull in or out of the driveway, as an investor, the choice obviously isn’t very wise.

  1. Accessible Crawlspace or basement 

A basement or crawlspace is a must if you are planning a long-term stay. Just because it’s a crawlspace or basement, shouldn’t mean you will literally need to crawl in it. See for ample access requiring minimal repairing and mechanical issues. But don’t pass on the opportunity of a great investment in an ideal house just because it doesn’t have enough crawlspace or an easily accessible basement.