“Home staging”, as realtors like to call it, is a must. The perfect “staging” ensures your house sells in no time and adds a considerable amount of cash to its existing value. Here are some tips to prepare your house for the upcoming visit by potential buyers.

  1. People like to envision a life in the house they are buying; get rid of all the extraneous stuff that has gathered in your interiors. This is called “de-cluttering”.
  2. That doesn’t mean going for a purely “generic hotel” appeal though. Leave some personality, or better yet, show them the attractive side of your lifestyle.
  3. Remove all bulky furniture and replace it with smaller, neutral furniture.
  4. A fresh coat of neutral paint will make your house look bigger and brighter.
  5. Walls with neutral colors will help buyers better imagine their interiors as per their wishes.
  6. Don’t forget to do a fresh coat of paint onthe front door. You don’t want to spoil a potentially good impression.
  7. Attend to any minor repairs such as broken doorknobs, threadbare carpet, cracked tiles, etc.
  8. People tend to visualize themselves using the garden, so tidy it up too.
  9. Repaint your kitchen cabinets since it is much cheaper than installing new ones.
  10. Leave a bowl of fruits out to convey a sophisticated impression and upgrade the kitchen countertops.
  11. Place wall mirrors in hallways and rooms to make them seem bigger.
  12. Go for the inside out approach when cleaning windows and dress them with blinds or curtains.
  13. Replace broken light bulbs.
  14. Prospective buyers may be put off by any smells in the house, so ensure that all your drains are clear and wash bins, windows, and the kitchen are free of smells. Brew some fresh coffee or bake some muffins. We all know they both smell of heaven!
  15. Lastly, let a professional realtor show off your property and answer the tricky questions about the neighborhood. Let them take the reins.

Take note of these 15 very effective and easy-to-implement tips to make your house seem more valuable and sell faster.