Whether you are prepping your lawn for an upcoming open house or simply trying to engage potential buyers better, the information herein is sure to come in handy. Realtors claim that a well-maintained lawn adds significantly to your real estate value, and in the best case scenario, you might be able to get more than your expected price!

First Impressions

The first few seconds of interaction set the ground for everything that’s about to come. Be it dating, branding or networking, if you are able to make a good first impression, you have positioned yourself for success. Potential buyers are scrutinizing a dozen homes a day – give them something compelling to take yours more seriously. Upon entering, the first thing they will see is your lawn. Make sure it is easy on the eyes.

Sets Expectations

Do you know of the halo effect?  A halo effect can be described as that one characteristic of an entity that overshadows or influences a person’s opinion of everything else. A good first impression implies that more good is to come.  A well-maintained lawn, in other words, means less maintenance and repair costs overall, which, to a buyer, is very attractive.

Good to Great 

Where appearances form an impression, an impression may form everything else. Investing good money in quality lawn care will surely enhance the overall look of your property. This one technique will turn your real estate from good to great.

Role of a perfect lawn in real estate value

So, can we conclude from the above facts that a well-maintained lawn will help your home sell faster and at better value? Absolutely!

Imagine yourself in this scenario. You are shopping for a house and you come across two very suitable houses. The only difference is in the lawn. One has a very poorly maintained lawn while the other one has a nearly perfect one. If prices are more or less similar, which one would you go for?

We all know which one, so for this very reason, the perfect lawn is a must!