Strapped for time and cash and in search of ways to get your property rent-ready? Here are some quick ways to enhance an unattractive rental and turn it into a freshly renovated one in no time, and of course, less money.

Your starting point

Curb appeal

Would you want scrubby weeds and dying trees to welcome you when you enter a house? Your guests wouldn’t either. Take a little time out from your busy schedule and purchase some plants and flowers to proudly place on your tired-looking, dead curb.  Invest enough money to land a good first impression.

Wall paint

If you want to lighten a relatively dull interior, paint is your best bet. Just be sure to use neutral shades as they allow more light in to the rooms. If you still can’t decide on what colors to go for, go for safe choices, the ones that will appeal to the widest array of renters, such as white.

Update Your Light Fixtures

Swap out any old light fixtures but keep in mind that all your finishes inside and outside of your rental property must match. This means you need to change your door handles too if you are swapping your brass lights.

Paint cabinets

Oak seems ugly in general, even though it is a very sturdy building material. So, if you believe it isn’t a really time-intensive process, you don’t need to spend money on upgrading them – simply paint the oak cabinets. If you are all set for degreasing, striping old finish and sanding, paint is the option you must go for.

Check out online stores or yard sales

If you are looking for an upgrade but don’t want to spend much, consider scrolling through online websites that sell new or slightly used furniture for significantly discounted rates. Same goes for the yard sales; in fact, yard sales are much better method to get older sturdy furniture cheaply for furnished rentals.

Scrutinize any eyesores in your rental

Small improvements can go a long way if you can pinpoint the visually challenging spots on your new perfect rental. Ask me to help you out if you are unable to do so yourself; this way, you can efficiently utilize your money in all the right places that needs refurnishing.

When you have completed the overhaul of your furnished rental, throwing a party in it can be an very strong way to get the word out.  Encourage your guests to post selfies on social media with links to your preferred method for vetting potential tenants.  Use your personal network to get the word out with fun time for you and your friends.