Looking for houses? You best bet might be to look for a house that has a solid foundation, a leak-proof roof, proper lighting and wiring, etc. But you need to do more. Here are the 8 not-so-obvious things to look for in a house when buying one!

  1. Size of rooms

In order to find the perfect room, ideally suited to your lifestyle, channel your inner Goldilocks. Imagine setting up your furniture in the room and see if there is enough room left or does it look jam-packed. Better bring measurements of your heavy items such as beds, dressing table, etc.

  1. Interior layout

Indoor-outdoor flow is a must. It will surely affect you daily routine life. Try to walk through the rooms as you normally would in your own home on a typical day and see for any sharp or pointy edges or passages that hinder the flow.

  1. Window size and placement

A home with well-placed windows allowing naural light to glance inside your house should be the preferred choice. Modifying windows isn’t cheap, so it’s better to choose the house which already has many in all the right places.

  1. Staircase steepness and length

This is one of those things most of us forget to consider when moving houses. Steep stairs may not be a good option for you if you are considering moving in with elderly people accompanying you, so ensure beforehand.

  1. Heating and cooling systems

If you are seeing houses in areas that may get really hot or cold in different climates, ensure that the house has good in-built cooling and heating systems.

  1. Kitchen features

Allow the one who does most of the cooking in your house to decide what they want in their customized kitchen. Do they prefer cooking on a gas stove? Not only that, consider the overall layout, number of sinks, storage area etc whether they suit your needs or not.

  1. Number of bathrooms

If you have a big family, choose a house which has enough bathrooms since adding a new one can get pretty expensive. If there aren’t many, but the house offers a powder or laundry room that can be compensated for a bathroom you are good to go.

  1. Height of the ceiling

Ceiling height can be an issue, especially if you or any other family member is tall. Look for a house that has high ceiling, particularly in basements and attics, to have a much smoother flow.


Until then, Happy House Hunting!