Let’s Talk About The Value of a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Do your self a big favor.  Buy a dehumidifier if you are considering selling your home!  100% of all home inspection reports I have seen since April of this year, have included a scary comments about moisture.  For example, “The moisture content in the crawl space was elevated beyond the acceptable range.  This is considered a level sufficient for active fungi growth.  I recommend further evaluation and remediation.  It is recommended that the home owner find and use methods to lower moisture levels immediately.  Moisture can enter the crawl space from: plumbing leaks, bare soil without moisture barrier, foundation walls, improper usage of foundation vents.” A $150 dehumidifier can bring down moisture levels significantly in 24-48 hours.  STOP waiting and please go buy a dehumidifier, RIGHT NOW!  You can learn the true value of a crawl space dehumidifier and save tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

The Value of a Crawl Space Dehumidifier. Condensation on a Window.

Photo by Fleur on Unsplash.

How does all of this happen?  North and South Carolina are hot and very humid for much of the year, especially the summer time.  In our search for comfort we use air conditioning to make our homes cooler.  This can create the perfect scenario to pull in humid air from the outside into our cooler crawl space to condensation.  Home inspectors say, “Condensation occurs when the relative humidity reaches 100% – the air can’t hold the moisture any longer.  Then condensation happens and then mold and mildew are enabled to begin destroying your home.  Many property owner seek to mitigate this issue by opening their foundation vents.  Many home owners do not understand when and why to open the vents

The right time is when the crawl space temperature is greater than the outside (typically winter).  The wrong time is when the crawl space is cooler than the outside temperature (typically summer).  It’s easy to forget this or to get it backwards and create problems.  The moral of the story is that a house needs to breathe and the crawl space is certainly an important part of the equation.  It is really easy to forget the right way to help that process.  Plus, the weather is constantly changing and the humidity levels are changing as a result.

The easy way to handle this challenge is to get a Dehumidifier.

Install it in your crawls space so that it can function without your constant attention.  Home inspectors love to see a dry crawl space and a dehumidifier + moisture barrier + healthy plumbing lines support this kind of environment!

If you are considering selling a home in 2020 please call me 704-681-1815.  If I personally list your home, I will make a gift of a $150 dehumidifier to you!  Let’s get that dehumidifier in your crawls space today and get top dollar for your property!